utility model

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    How do you put a Distribution in a Risk Analysis?

    In conducting a Probability Risk Analysis or statistical risk Analysis, for example over the actions of nature for a particular period of time and for a particular geographical location, one is expected to put a distribution over all the actions of nature and choose the action that maximizes...
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    Stata Recursive problem, Bellman equation

    Hi all, I need some help with estimating a Bellman equation for a optimal consumption in stata. Does anyone know how to do this? - How do I define a dynamic discrete model choice?
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    Utility Model Probit or Logit?

    Dear all, I'm trying to estimate a utility model in stata , but don't know where to start. My utility model is a dynamic programming model, based on the life-cycle of consumption and savings.. I have been able to work out all the recursive equations but have no clue on how to implement this...