variable levels

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    three-way mixed factor ANOVA

    *** Apologies for cross-posting this message. I just thought that people who don't use SPSS may still be able to help. This is a question about within-subject factors in a three-way mixed factor ANOVA. I am terribly confused and I need some help. I am trying to run a three-way mixed factor...
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    Would this have an effect on study results regarding statistics?

    Dear all, I am in need of urgent brainstorming for my study design. To cut it short here is the scene: There is this study where I need to do some cognitive tests on patients (before /after treatment) and their native language might affect the results of these tests. If I give this tests in...
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    Non-pairwise comparison - combining variable levels

    Hi, Ive searched forum for similar thread but couldnt find it, if there is an identical topic, please let me know Ive got an independent variable Education with 4 levels: Primary, Highschool, Undergraduate and Postgraduate. And I have to compare Primary & Highschool vs Undergraduate &...