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    How to find a median of medians? No raw data

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    Weighted values from correlation coefficients

    I've been pressed to find a similar existing example of what I'm trying to do, but maybe i'm not phrasing it incorrectly. Essentially, I want to do a dynamic pricing model. Create a formula where i take the correlation coefficients of various variables related to pricing, and then when...
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    Baseball Stats: Using Multiple Factors With Variable Ranges As Input

    Hello, I am working on creating a statistic to predict players most likely to get a hit on any given day. In this statistic, I am using five different predictive factors, which I am going to then assign relative weights to in order to improve the accuracy of the prediction statistic. For...
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    A statistic question.

    Provider Charge(Total) Fraud %Fraud Fraud*%Fraud A §§§§§§§1000§§§§§§§600§§§§§0.6§§§§§§360 B §§§§§§§100§§§§§§§§70§§§§§§0.7§§§§§§49 C §§§§§§§10§§§§§§§§§8§§§§§§§0.8§§§§§§6.4 D §§§§§§§1§§§§§§§§§§1§§§§§§§1.0§§§§§§1 Please ignore "§" above. Which provider should be given alert? I am...
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    reliability effects components of variance

    Hello TalkStats community. I'm currently stuck with a problem, concerning how reliability of a process effects the variance of the process. let me give you an example: Lets assume there is a machine that produces a product X. the machine and runs for 1000 hours. However, the machine has...
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    Weightage - Complex Sample

    Hi. I would like to ask. Is there any difference if i do the analysis using weight case option in SPSS Data> Weight Cases - then do the statistical analysis & compared with Complex Sample - prepared a plan with Analyze> Complex Sample - and do all the analysis there? Thank you.
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    Generate weighted multidimensional index with Likert-data

    Dear all, I am a bit desperate and hope you can help me with my issue. I'm analyzing the economic attractiveness of several countries. To do so, I asked practitioners to evaluate 17 dimensions on a 1-5 (5 best) Likert-scale how important these dimensions are. In the next step I want to...
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    Weighted Regression

    I have a few questions in regards to setting up and running my weighted regression: Firstly, some background. I am comparing point of subjective equality (PSE) values from participants. Specifically this is the compression value of a stimulus that needs to be applied for the participant to...
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    Which Statistical Test to use for my project - Comparing two ranked lists, 2 groups

    I have a project comparing two medical treatments - 1) Treat a Presentation and 2) Treat after Growth. I am comparing the groups based on the number of complications experienced after each treatment. For each patient (in each group) it was noted if the experienced 1 or more of 18...
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    Confidence interval of mean of queue length (M/M/1)

    Goodday, For a simulation course I had to simulate a single server queue with Poisson processes for arrival and departure (M/M/1). Now, this really was not the issue, the issue is where I personally want to add a kind of validity check, which naturally can only be done with statistics. I...
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    Intra- and Interrater reliability of imaging findings

    Hi everyone, I'm having some difficulty deciding how best to analyze the data from a project. I had 4 radiologist read CT scans looking for specific signs (mostly giving True/False answers) on two occasions separated by a washout period. The last two variables included a 'Questionable'...