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    What is the appropriate R tests for studying drug effect under factors disruption?

    Hello biostat world I have a population of 35 mice, 17 are wild type and 18 are treated with drug. I sampled(12 biological replicate) all mice along 5 dates d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 within a period of 8 months , the time interval of sampling is almost the same These mice were been continuously exposed to...
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    Different results between Kruskal-wallis test and multiple comparison after Kruskal-w

    Hello all, I used Kruskal Wallis test to compare three data groups pra testar comparações em três grupos (b,c,s). The p-valor was < 0,05 in all cases (So, there is difference among at least two groups ). So, I compared pair the paires of groups (to know how groups are different) and it...
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    wilcox.test (R)

    wilcox.test(x,y,alternative="g",mu=0,paired=FALSE,conf.level=0.95) If vector x has 20 elements and y 10 elements, will this function then remove the last 10 elements in x, or is that only if you choose paired=TRUE? Will it count the rank sum for x or y and then the total permutations that...