1. M

    How to calculate residuals after xtlogit

    Hi, I am writing here to ask about post-estimations after a xtlogit model. Indeed, I would like to calculate residuals. It is very simple after a simple logistic regression (predict residuals, re), but I cannot find the command line after xt logit depvar var1 var2, i(group) I thank you...
  2. R

    Xtlogit, cluster se & marginal effects of interactive dummies

    Hi, I'm just exploring the xtlogit, fe model to model happiness in BHPS. I was wondering: 1) Is there any way to obtain the marginal effects of interactive dummies in an xtlogit, fe model? There is a method using xtlogit and nlcom, but not with xtlogit,fe. Would I need to use nlcom or is...