1 factor (2 levels), and 3 between-subjects factors

Hi all,

I am doing a psycholinguistics project (and bad at statistics) and would appreciate advice on what stats to run.

There is one Within-subjects factor, and there are only 2 levels (so 2 conditions). All participants were in the 2 conditions (so, independent/repeated measures, whatever?).
There are three Between-subjects factors: Factor 1 (2 values), Factor 2 (2 values), Factor 3 (3 values).

Because there are only 2 levels for the within-subjects factor, so it's going to be Independent T-tests then (comparing the means?)? What can I do with the 3 between-subjects factors?

I would really appreciate it if people can give me some advice.

Please do forgive me if my question was too basic/silly/inane. But if anyone could help me with it, I would be so grateful. I looked up Andy Fields' book. Would Repeated Measures with Several Independent Variables be what's appropriate for this?