13x times coin toss (most frequent sequence)

hi everyone :)Im trying to figure out something but i dont know how to start calculating it...Can someone show me the way how to figure out or calculate the most frequently appearing order in a coin toss game of 13x times? What are the most appering sequences of heads or tails in a 13x row coin toss.I m trying to reduce it to 20 most appearing sequences
Would be thankful for every comment or idea.
So i think: HHHHHHHHHHHHH 13x heads or 12x H 1x T HHHHHHHTHHHHH wont be the most frequent sequence.
But how to figure out the most frequent? I dont know it and would need help. So for example you test 1000 x times a row of 13x coin tosses. Some sequenzes will appear more often then others i guess. But which one will be the most of it?Kind regards


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It will vary from sample to sample. But if your talking about the exact order them theoretically they all have the same probability of occurring.