2 Way ANOVA or lots of T-tests!!! Just cant get my head round it!!!!

Hi everyone,
I really cant get my head round which test i am supposed to use and every time i think i have it sorted in my head, i change my mind, please help!!!

I have two groups of drug treated and control and i want to assess the effect this drug has on cell number in 10 different areas in the brain.

So am i right in thinking that as i have 2 different independent variables (drug treated and brain area) and one dependent variable, i need to use 2 way ANOVA ?

But now im thinking that maybe the 2 independent variables may not interact per se and so just need to do 10 t-tests (one for each area of the brain comparing control and treated)....ahhhhhhh!!!

Think im going crazy!!!!!please put me out of my misery!!!
Hannah :confused:
Also always better to do one test than 10 - decreases the chance of erronously finding significant results. The ANOVA can get you the main effects and check for interaction. Good luck