2-way ANOVA - the correct choice for my data

Hello all

Please excuse this stats novice. I've found this forum today and thought someone here could confirm or reject my choice of statistical text. I know enough about stats to know that I don't know enough about stats, so expert advice would be most welcome.

I have biological data, 40 samples, each containing variations of over 1200 species, with the abundance/frequency of each species known per sample, not merely presence:absence. The 40 samples however differ on two counts, 'type' (5 types) and location (2 collection locations), thus four replicates per treatment.

What I wish to determine from the data is
1) whether sample 'type' affects species composition
2) whether sample collection location affects species composition
3) whether there are interactions between sample type and location

I vaguely recall a similar theoretical problem in my college days, and simple main effects or some such being tested by the college statistician using SPSS, but from my readings I gather a 2-way ANOVA may be the best way to go. I plan using Minitab or possibly SPSS. I've never used R.

Any advice would be appreciated please. Thanks in advance