3-option poll and significance

Is it possible to test for significance in this situation?

As part of my summer internship required for school, I had to poll employees at the agency where I work regarding three policy options. Each employee was asked to consider the alternatives and respond with their preference (pick only one). Here are the results:

n = 81 respondents
48 people preferred Option 1
13 people preferred Option 2
20 people preferred Option 3

I've stated my hypotheses as:
H1: Staff prefers Option 1 over Option 3.
H0: Staff does not prefer Option 1 over Option 3.

I plan on using that format to test between all three options, but that was my starting point.

My main question is, can you test for significance? I'm not sure what my mean and standard deviation would be... this isn't anything that we covered in my coursework.

You have mentioned option 1 and option 3 in your null and alternative hypotheses, but haven't mentioned option 2. Since some participants selected option 2, I would think it necesssary to be included in your study. I would conduct a one way ANOVA to test for differences between the 3 groups.