3D stacked bar chart in SigmaPlot?


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does anyone know, if it's possible to create a 3D bar chart using stacked bars in SigmaPlot? If yes, how?
You would really help me!
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Avoid 3d plots at all costs. Im sure you can do it, but reconsider how you present your data. What are you plotting?


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Thanks for your answer.
It's data from two different detection methods. I'd like to show the cases in which the methods detected different viruses as stacked bars and because there are two methods I thought about showing one behind the other. Then, you could see every differing case represented as two bars behind one another that show which viruses were detected respectively.
Stacked bar charts are bad: They are difficult to interpret and make it hard to make comparisons.

3-D stacked bar plots are not bad, they are awful. It has been shown (see the work of William Cleveland) that they distort the data.
I am not entirely sure yet what you are trying to do, but I think this would be a good case for a mosaic plot. Another possible choice is a Cleveland dot plot.


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Thanks for your tip!
That would mean I have to create a mosaic plot for every differing case (wich are 10) instead of one diagramm, wouldn't it? Is it possible to create a mosaic plot in sigmaplot by the way? I couldn't find a proper function for that.
I don't know about Sigmaplot, I've never used it. I am not sure what you mean by "cases" but if you mean "people" or "observations" then, no, why would that be? The mosaic plot is a sort of graphical crosstabulation.