4 or 5 point likert scale - ordinal variable?

Hello everyone. I am new here but look forward to exchanging with you.
I need to analyze online survey data - which I didn't design, but it is so confusing from the start.

The survey data looks like...
  • The survey was conducted before and after a "program".
  • It is not paired as the survey participants spontaneously participated after they saw the newsletter. There are only 127 participants who participated both the surveys.
  • The data includes 4 points or 5 points likert scale data, Yes/No questions, some nominal categorical data and socio-demographic information data
I have to analyze...
  • I have to compare pre/post test results (e.g. how their attitudes and behavioral intention have been changed after the program implementation)
I first thought about doing ANCOVA, but with 4 point likert scale it is not appropriate. Or it might be totally nonsense, but is it possible to kind of scoring the data by summing the scores from the likert scale and then consider it as continuous? some variables are measured with several questions.

Anyone has experience in such data? I would really appreciate for any comment..!!
if my explanation is not enough, please let me know!!