Acceptable Ppk in relation to confidence/reliability

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Most of the acceptance criteria that my team works with is based around a given confidence/reliability interval that needs to be met. There are multiple situations where capability analysis is being used (specifically, Ppk), which I'm not entirely familiar with. Is there an equation to relate a given Ppk with a %conf/%rel? All I've been able to find is the general acceptable Ppk of 1.33, but I haven't found anything to relate this number to confidence intervals. Ideally I'd like to be able to calculate a minimum required Ppk value for a range of required confidence/reliability requirements.

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Ppk is a quality metric, not a reliability metric.

Ppk is the smaller of (Upper Spec Limit - mean) or (mean - Lower Spec Limit) divided by the long term process variation (3*StdDev). A Ppk of 1.33 means the closest spec limit is 4 standard deviations from the mean. This provides an allowance for a process shift to be detected and corrected without producing nonconforming product.

Ppks do have confidence intervals associated with them based on the sample size used to calculate them. However, capability indices have no time element to them and are unrelated to reliability.


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to build on that. if you are using Minitab 16 or 17 you can just select the option of including confidence intervals. However, in my experience this rarely done in practice, mainly because of the low sample sizes used to calculate the indices.