Advice appreciated for where to find SAS programming trainee jobs


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I am looking to find good/relevent websites where I can post my CV up?

I am a graduating statistics (masters) student. I have no expereince in SAS but I really enjoy programming (R & MATLAB).

There are so many jobs for programming in SAS, but where can I start, when they all want you to have at least 4 years experience? Ideally I need training on the job.

Many thanks for any help that can be given.


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I don't know of a place to post your CV off the top of my head. I believe (sp?), posts quite a few mathematics and satistics jobs. If I remember right there are positions titled Statistical Assistant (sp?) that would require little SAS experience as long as you know the statistical principles. These jobs could be too low of a level for you, I don't know. You can also look at the Statistical Associate, but these may have the minimum years of experience. If I was you and still in the University's system, I would start practicing while you may still have free access to SAS via the University. Every day that goes by is a day of experience gain for your CV. It may seem like many fields really focus on SAS use, but if you know the statistics and another programming language you should find a job with or with SAS experience. SAS also has a more drop down interface (Enterprise), which I have not used, but would really require no SAS experience. For the most part you just have to get a toe in the door and then articulate to them that you can pick-up another coding languance and already know statistics and some SAS coding. You could also attempt to get SAS certified (usually not worth it), but in your case may show that you know the coding even though you do not have the years of experience in that particular language. Not sure if language is the proper word?