advice for subject-selection

Hello, I would like to be a statistician or an actuary.

For the next semster I have a dilemma. I can choose between two subjects. I can actually choose both, but I would like to only choose 1.

Subject 1: Abstract mathematics. Logic, proof, how the number systems were created, the axioms for them, functions, relations countability etc..

Subject 2. Algorithm and data-structure analysis. I have had object oriented programming in Java and this is a continuation of that subject, but a more theoretical one. It is about efficiency, big O-notation, graphs, trees etc..

I would like to choose subject 1 to learn more about the deeper things in mathematics. But which subject do you think is most important for a statistician? I am laerning myself R on my own, and it don't seem like I need to know much about trees big-O etc. for this. What is your advice? If anything is unclear I will be happy to give more info.
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