Advice on how to tackle these questions / Which methods to use

Hi - Could I get some advice of which type of statistics I should use to represent my data on the best possible way?
I have 76 participants with several factors.
The following factors are:
Age in years and categorical // Educational level (Categorical, ordinal (1-8)) // Gender in binary nominal // TIR (Continous variable 0 to 100%) // SVH (Categorical, nominal) // FAB (Categorical nominal) // AKA Score (continous vari. 0 to 100% and a categorical variable eg. above 70% = adequate, above 50% marginal)

I would like to see how the following factors influence the AKA Score: Age, Educational Level, Gender, TIR, SVH, FAB

I would also like to see how the following variables affect TIR: Age, Educational level, Gender, SVH, FAB.

I'm a bit lost atm. as I do not know how to address these questions.

Kind Regards Simon Madsen, Denmark.