Advice on purchasing type of software?

Hello, I have been doing basic stats calculations for a few years as a hobby.
(Using EXCEL)
Most of my calculations involve , probability ,graphing , normal distributuion, simulations, data collection, data mining..

I now find Excel time consuming and limiting...

Is there a program/text you recommend that
is designed for stats, is easier to use..and will allow me to grow as
my studies continue..also recommend where I can purchase it?
I would appreciate even listing the options that are out there and I can do the research

I would also appreciate any suggestions for a solid intro text I could use.
I am not a beginner but need to refresh basics

I hope to take a college level stats course next month (or at least buy a text)
and follow


I'd recommend R, if you are a computer-savvy individual short on money. Personally, I'm in the social sciences, so I stick with SPSS, which is good enough for anything that I need to do. Very easy to use, diagnosis problems.(SPSS 16 student price about $200... journeyed is the vendor, I think)

Text recommendation for SPSS: Discovering Statistics Using SPSS, 2nd Ed. by Andy Field
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I use R,SPSS too. But recently I came across SYSTAT, It is menu driven (which is goodI think!) and has even advanced techniques in menu (Markov Chain Monte Carlo for instance).Don't know how far it gets regarding social statistics analysis,but if using it for other disciplines you will probably like it

Don't know any book,about it.You can download a trial at systat's site.

This is not a a buy advice! I still recommend learning R,which is free!
thanks for the tips...Do you happen to know where I could buy a copy of R or SPSS?
do you have a text /guide that you like for R?

Does R do graphing of dsitributions /curves and histograms?

(I'm no longer at university so I have lost contact with some fellow calssmates)

thx for your felp


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You can download R from the link below


There are a lot tutorials on R,some included in the installation above.A word of caution.R is a command driven program!

You can tae a look on books here


I'd recommend

You can test (and buy) SPSS by


I;ve heard tha this is a good text

SPSS for Intermediate Statistics: Use and Interpretation [Leech et al]

But the most popular cross-platform text is

A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using SPSS [Everitt]
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