Alternative hypotheses, sample size

Ichose to study this problem, how would I incooperate the rest with this?

Heights measured for a random sample of 17 plants grown while being treated with a nutrient. The sample mean height measurements was 43 centimeters, population heights of treated plants is normally distributed with mean M and standard deviation 10 centimeters

Can it be concluded that that M is different from 45 centimeter?

Use of 0.05 level of significance

Variable- the height of treated plants
Based on the sample two tail test is most appropriate

The null hypothesis H0: μ = 45
The alternative hypothesis H0: μ ± 45

Z= ¯x-45 V¯n

= 43-45 V¯17

= -0.825

x¯ =43, σ = 10, n = 17 P (|Z|>0.825)=0.4094


A real world situation or problem to address, the independent and dependent variables you would study and the number of levels of the independent variable, the statistical null and alternative hypotheses, a description of what information the effect size would tell you that the probability value would not tell, explain what additional information confidence intervals around means (or around mean differences) would give your reader; explain when would you need to report a post hoc test and why; and using realistic numbers for values of degrees of freedom, sample size, F-ratio, confidence interval (s) (if appropriate), and post hoc result (if appropriate), report hypothetical results in a few sentences using correct APA format.
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