Alternative to 2way ANOVA for analysis

Hey guys,

i recently started my research project and stumbled across a problem in my statistical analysis. I am treating cells with different chemicals (A + B) to induce a signaling pathway. My project deals with the inhibition of this pathway using different drugs (x + Y). My setup therefore is to treat cells with either chemical A or B in combination with drug X or Y. As a control cells are also treated with chemicals but no drug or no chemical and drug alone. For each condition (e.g. A+X or B+Y) there are 3 values as the experiment is performed 3 times independently. To analyze if my readout values are significantly different I can use the 2way ANOVA with Boferroni posttest to compare the results within one stimulation condition (chemicals) comparing the drugs effect in the stimulation (red arrows, A+X to A+Y) if I´m not mistaken. Is there a way to analyze the difference between all conditions and not only within a group (e.g. value of untreated + untrated to A+X, green arrows) in one method? I struggle to find an alternative besides just using a t-test to compare the missing conditions after the ANOVA. Thanks in advance for your effort and have a nice day.