Alternatives to WINBUGS

I am currently learning Gibbs Sampling and have been using WinBUGS rather than writing out the explicit routines.

However, the only tenable way that I can find to store results from WinBUGS is to call it from R, which kind of defeats the purpose of the GUI. Moreover, I am primarily a Linux user, and I have been unsuccessful in setting up WinBUGS through WINE, so I have to switch to Windows every time I want to work with it.

I tried JAGS, but I have been unsuccessful in installing an RJags interface, due to compatibility issues with the JAGS and my version of R which I have been unable to resolve. I read that similar issues exists with OpenBUGS, but have not attempted it yet.

Are there any other alternatives or at the very least, a detailed documentation as to how to configure JAGS/OpenBUGS with R?