Amchem's Tax Credit case study - stuck in a rut



Hello everyone, and first of all thank you for taking the time to read this.

I am a student in a Management postgraduate program and during our first semester we have a Statistics module. The module consisted of only four lectures about basic SPSS usage, of which only two were conducted in the computer room, where we actually had the opportunity to try out different things in real time.

As you may imagine, my colleagues and I aren't nearly as ready for the final assignment as we thought we were. We are supposed to write a managerial report concerning the Amchem Tax Credit case study, which is to be found here.

We are supposed to write a managerial report explaining how could we deduce gas consumption that went into production for year 5. We are all totally stumped and have no idea how to approach this thing. We have a few ideas about it, as follows:

- There are two months (specifically, 11 and 12) in year 1 where production of product X was zero. Would it be safe to assume then that most of the gas production went into producing product Y? If so, how does this help us?

- There are also some months where DEGDAY=0. Again, it will probably be safe to assume that on these months the entire gas consumption went into production.

- We will probably also need to find a correlation between DEGDAY and GAS, meaning how much gas we use for one unit of DEGDAY. Could be useful.

- So from these two... if we know how much gas one unit of DEGDAY costs, then we can use this in the months where X production is zero to find out how much gas Product Y consumes. Right?
We feel that these are some good ideas, but we don't know how to apply them to our case study. Any further ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated. I thought this case study would be a common problem, but I have searched this forum and came up with a blank.

Thanks again for reading this and I'm looking forward to some feedback.