[AMOS] can you run a multilevel CFA iin AMOS....


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I have nested data and would like to run a multilevel confirmatory factor analysis. I know that you can do this in MPLUS but I have AMOS and wondering if it's possible. My data are individuals in groups.....

can't seem to find an answer anywhere....thanks.


Phineas Packard
My understanding is that it cannot. You could fake it somewhat but aggregating all level one items to level two and then running a multigroup model in which group one is the CFA at level 1 and group 2 is the CFA at level 2. My colleagues had a bit of a back and forth about this idea with the creators of mplus a little while back and this was the compromise was arrived at. I have my concerns as i think the SEs in such a model will be too small at L1 and I think the same will apply to the chi-square test.


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Thanks for your response. I figured I could do something with the multiple group analysis but wasn't sure. I may have to go to MPlus. Thanks again.