An IRC Channel

I was thinking more a long the lines of possibly integrating one on site.

For example, is a gaming site, and while you can connect to their IRC Channel via an IRC Client, they also have a Java-enabled IRC Client that allows users to connect with little to no hassle.

I would be up for a place that we could hang, answer questions and perhaps even to get to know some of you more frequents (pun not intended :p) more personally.


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There actually is a chatbox implemented currently. However, you need at least 120 posts to be able to see it (quark has his reasons for doing this).

I don't know exactly how hard it would be create multiple channels in that chatbox though where some of the channels have some sort of requirement (120+ posts) to be able to access it.


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Like I said there is a chatbox but you need a certain number of posts to see it. Keep up the good fight and keep asking for it - quark might add another channel that allows newer users access. If you just want an IRC channel go for it - make one and advertise it here. I'd probably stop in every now and then.

While I'm here I might as well move this to the Forum Feedback section...


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I still don't see why it would be so bad to have different channels - we could have the chatbox as it is currently on a "TS contributor" channel and then another channel that you need like ... 10 posts to gain access to. I wouldn't want to have it be completely open because that would make it too easy for spammers but I still wouldn't mind having one that's easier to access.


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A multi-channel situation sounds great to me, although I'm not sure how technically feasible it is within the current "chatbox" application, which seems rather primitive.