Analyse test for heteroskedasticity


I am working on a little statistic research and I am not sure how to interpret these datas.
I have a multiple regression with 3 exogene variables and 1 endogene. When I analyze the scatterplots, it seems like there is heteroskedasticity.

So that could be solved if I use robust standard error, if I am not wrong! So to test the heteroskedasticity I got the following outcome:

chi2(1) = 1.65
Prob > chi2 = 0.1989

The Nullhypothese is that I have homoskedasticity (I think).

So I can't reject the Nullhypothese on the 5% significant Niveau because the p-value 0.1989 > 0.05? Which would mean the Nullhypothese is not rejected, so I don't have heteroskedasticity and I don't have to do the tests with robust standard errors?

Thanks a lot for your answers. Greez

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