Analyses for pretest posttest control design

Please, I need help on this.
Research design was on effect of exercise on blood cell parameters in male subjects. I had 10 subjects.
1.Pretest blood sample was collected from all.
2. All exercised for ten minutes.
3.posttest sample was collected from all.
4. Subjects were divided into equal control and experimental groups.
5. Experimental group exercised for five weeks.
6. At the end of five weeks,first Posttest samples were collected from both groups.
7. Both groups exercised for ten minutes.
8. A second posttest sample was collected from both groups.
I them have two pretest and two posttest values. Please how do I analyse this? Help on statistical tests to be used and procedure will be greatly useful. Thanks.


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I had 10 subjects.

4. Subjects were divided into equal control and experimental groups.
Why would you conduct a study with only a total of 10 subjects(?), which are further divided into two groups of 5 each? makes no sense in terms of power.


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Stats advice: come up with statistical methodology before experimentation. One such thing to consider would be the power of the test. As Dragan alludes to, your results may just be questionable however you analyze the data. With that said, I don't do statistical design of experiments. Maybe others will have something useful to say?


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Well, perhaps more importantly, this is a perfect example of how a grant application would be rejected anonymous reviewers.