analysing likert scale data

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I have questionnaire data to analyse. I have two 5 point lkert scale questions and wish to see how the answers differ amongst students nd non stuents, which method of statisitcal analysis using SPSS will egnerate such answers?

Furthermore, how do you conduct it in SPSS?

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If you want to compare two groups on Likert scale items, use a independent samples t-test, if you want to analyse more than 3 groups use an ANOVA

In the SPSS Menubar, go to Analyse, Compare Means, to find them


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Yeah, the independent variable must be dichotomous (categorical with two categories) for t-test, and can have three categories or more for ANOVA. The dependent variable must be interval/ratio (i.e. the Likert items would be the dependent).

For e.g., Student vs Non-students (if this is only two categories) is the independent variable for t-test (put in grouping variable box).