Analysing multiple group scores on likert scale

Hi all,

Long-time reader, first time poster here. Apologies for the slightly lengthy post.

I'm just wanting a bit of advice for something i'm working on at work. I have data from my organisation on attitudes towards change and change management.

3 questions / statements were asked of approximately 1300 employees:
Changes are well managed at [my organisation]
My immediate leader supports me in successfully adapting to changes that impact my job
I am satisfied with the communication I receive about changes that impact my job

The response format was a 1 - 5 likert scale (strongly agree to strongly disagree)

If a person answered "agree" or "strongly agree", then they are said to be part of the "net agree" group for each question.

The data i have is the percentage of people that "net agree" for each question. I don't have individual employee data, but the data for the team they belong to. So i have "net agree" percentages for each question for about 90 teams, ranging in size from 15 to about 100 employees.

The "net agree" score for the first question -"Changes are well managed at [my organisation]" is a key metric used in the organisation.

So, what i want advice on is, what can i do to analyse any relationship between the key metric and the other two questions? Can i do a simple correlation with these scores?

Thanks in advance, and sorry again for the long post!