Analysing nominal and ordinal survey results

Hi there

In my school I'm working with survey data that is a combination of nominal and ordinal (on the likerts scale) variables. Here are some examples of questions:

"What is your sex" (male/female)
"What's your opinion on advertisements"
(1 = hate them, 2 = don't like them, 3 = I don't care, 4 = like them, 5 = love them)

Here are the tools that are available in my class, and preferably I should use one or more of these:

Cluster analysis
Chi test
cross table
Independent t-test
Paired sample t-test
Pearson correlation
Spearman correlation

From what I've read, then chi-square is the one that is most suitable of this list, although Chi-square test is for nominal variables I believe. From what I've gathered then Wilcoxon-Mann test would be most suitable, but that's not tought in this class.

So my question is, what would be the best way to analyse this data, to check if there is correlation between f.x. sex and some opinion to a ordinal question?

Might add that I'll be doing this in SPSS :)