Analysis of electricity consumsion

Hello @all

I want to analyze on how several factors have an effect on electricity consumtion (measured in mw). Before I start to gather the data, I want to be sure whether my methodology is fine.

The outcome I want to achive is a forecast function.
I have the data on consumtion over a year in 15 min intervall.

Right now Im not really sure which method to choose, but I think MLR is the right one.
The factors (logically derrived) which havr an influense on the amount of MW are:

- Headcount
- Nr. of Maschines in state "ON"
- Nr. of shots (=parts)
- Nr. of inbounds (into storage)
- Nr. of outbounds (from storage)
- Maschine size/category

After doing the MLR I will test the accurancy of the model.

What do you think:
- did I choose the right model?
- Is my methodolgy ok?

Thanks in advance