Analysis of single arm study

Hello all,

I need some help choosing how to analyze my data.

I have a single arm study, i.e., a study testing a new treatment, but not against a control, so I have one group.

I have two outcome variables, one is supposed to be continuous with values between 1-10, however in practice all values except two are either 0,1,2. The second variable is binary: success or failure.

In addition, I have repeated measures, every patient gave 1 or 2 samples.

What I want to do is to analyze the two variables for this group. Then, I want to analyze again, this time by some factor, for example male vs. female.

My main questions are:

1. How do yoy suggest to analyze?
2. How to I analyze one group with repeated measures? I cant just do estimates with CI and ignore the correlations.
3. How do I an analyze a binary outcome with repeated measures ?

my correlation within subject is around 0.85.

Thank you!