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Hey guys,
I am currently struggling with identifying the appropriate statistical method for my bachelor thesis.

Participants are measured over 2 different points of time (t1, t2), separated by 8 weeks. Each measurement assesses V02 as the first dependent variable (1) over four different conditions. Also, perceived flow as the second dependent variable (2) respectively to each of the four conditions is assessed. In the exact same manner, the second testing session is held.

I want to compare changes in V02 and perceived flow per condition between measurement one and two. Besides, I want to assess differences in V02 at t1 and t2 without comparing them though.

I'm thinking of a two way repeated measures ANOVA to identify changes in VO2 and Flow between t1 and t2 and 2 simple ANOVAs to compare VO2 between conditions at t1 and t2.

I would highly appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance and all the best from Germany,



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How large is your sample size?
Each measurement assesses V02
What is this variable actually, and how was it measured, on what scale? E.g. was it an interval scaled performance measure? And how was variable (2) measured?
over four different conditions
Were there 4 separate groups, or were all participants measured in all 4 conditions?

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My bad- forgot to mention a few aspects. The sample size is considerably small, 8.
V02 is measured on an interval scale over each condition via spiroergometry (respiratory gas exchange at given running speed) to arrive at an average for each condition.

Flow as variable 2 is measured with the help of a questionnaire on a five point likert scale, also summed to have an overall score respectively to each condition to be compared.

All participants were measured in all four conditions, both during pre and post-test.

Please let me know I'm still lacking important information.

Thanks in advance!