Analyzing data with only 1 outcome (churn data)

I have to do some data analysis for a course. I have a data set that is 10 variables and everyone in the data set (about 6000) observations has the same outcome of not coming back to use the service.
How would I go about analyzing that? I was thinking about doing some simple stuff like histograms or bar charts or descriptive statistics like mean, median and range as well as quantiles then to see if most of the observations fall into a single region or something like that.
I do not believe I can do any tests between variables such as the t-test or regression because all of the users did not return to the service, so the outcome would only have 1 value.

If you can help 1on1 that would be great as well! Thanks for the help! :)

I also have some questions to answer as well:
  • What are some conclusions you came up with?
  • Any recommended next steps for testing or improving usage rate?
  • What other data could be helpful for future analyses?
Here is some more information on the dataset variables:
  • ID: unique id for each user
  • week: The week the user signed up for the service
  • month: month part of the date that the user signed up
  • day: day part of the date that the user signed up
  • email_tracked: # of emails that were tracked
  • notif: # of notifications the user received
  • profiles: # of profiles the user viewed
  • placements: # of placements on the web
  • text_notif: # of text notifications
  • stream: # of times the user viewed the program stream
UPDATE: As of now, I created some histograms and bar charts for each of the columns and looked into the descriptive statistics for them as well. I also removed the outliers prior to doing this. Is there any other stats that would be appropriate for this analysis?