ANOSIM Results

This should hopefully be relatively easy for someone who is familiar with PRIMER. It has been quite sometime since I used this software to generate results from a project. I was forced to take a year off due to sickness in my family so I am a bit rusty.

I ran an ANOSIM using PRIMER and although I understand how to interpret the Global R and I understand that my significance level of 66% means my results are indeed not significant, I can not remember how this percentage translates to my p-value. I don't want to submit anything to my advisor and look like a complete half wit so I'm hoping someone here will take pity and explain this.

I mostly used JMP for my stats so less familiar with this anyway.


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I found an example of a PRIMER 6 ANOSIM output. Your significance level of 66% appears to equate to a p-value of 0.66. PRIMER just converted the decimal to a percentage.


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Also, remember that you can have a large global - R (i.e. approaching 1) and a high p-value if you have a low number of replicates. So you need to report that in context.