Another Die question

If one was to roll a fair day and if the outcome is 2 then select a number at random in [1,2] and other wise select a number at random in [2,3]. if the number selected is X then find the PDF Fx of X.

im a bit confused on how to answer this, any input would be appreciated.
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1) Do you know how to calculate and specify CDF for a continuous uniform random variable?

2) Have you heard about the mixture distribution?
i just used PDF to get my answer but not sure if it is correct.

PDF of x is Pr(x=k)=1/6 for k=1,2,3,4,5,6

so CDF would be
Pr(X ≤ 2) = 2/6

and so on...

is this the correct way to solve this or am i doing something wrong ?


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Now you are calculating the CDF at some points for a discrete uniform distribution.

You need to first know to calculate and specify the CDF at any point for a continuous uniform distribution.