ANOVA 2-way all subgroup combinations

Hello - I am wanting to do 2-way ANOVA tests in SAS. I am having trouble getting results against all the subgroups I want to.

It is best explained by the dummy data file I created (attached).

I want to see ANOVA results of all 'Size' and 'Industry' group combinations. So for example the subgroups from the dummy data file (attached) should be:

  1. Size 1-2, Industry a
  2. Size 1-2, Industry b
  3. Size 3-4, Industry a
  4. Size 3-4, Industry b

When I run the PROC GLS function I can get results for 'Size' vs 'Industry', but not for each of the subgroups.

I would really appreciate guidance here.


I don't know SAS very well, but what are you looking for is "post hoc analysis" or "multiple comparison tests", examples are the "Tukey test" or the "Bonferroni test".