ANOVA/ANCOVA show same thing?

An ANOVA showed that there was no main effect of personality trait on the D.V. (task performance), and an ANCOVA I conducted showed that personality trait did not influence the main effect seen in gender on task performance (there was a significant gender difference of personality trait, as well as task performance)- do I just need to report the ANCOVA or does the ANOVA show individually that there was no main effect of personality trait?

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Confused. :wave:
I think ANOVA is indicating that there is no significant slopes, and ANCOVA is showing that the difference between non-significant slopes is also non-significant. In this case, the result of ANCOVA is not very useful as it might be obvious that two non-significant slopes are likely similar. So if I were you I would drop the ANCOVA although its results are not incorrect (but not useful IMO).
Thank you very much for your reply. However I'm not really familiar with the term significant slopes.. does this mean main effect? :/ there was a main effect of gender on performance of task, and a significant difference between the sexes in the personality trait but not a main effect of personality trait on the task.. so are you saying I'd just need the ANOVA?