ANOVA and significant difference for individuals?

Hi all,
I have the means and SD of three subject groups after the same treatment plotted over time on a line graph. I can clearly see where there are differences between the groups at certain time points.

Questions :
1) SHould I use a one-way ANOVA to tell me if there is a sig difference between the three groups?

2) HOw can I find the P-value for individual points on my graph? I'm sure there is a stat procedure which highlights those individuals in the sample that are paticularly significant from each other? Is this Tukey?

thanks, hope that made sense,


TS Contributor
1) Yes, a 1-way ANOVA is the procedure to use here

2) You can't determine a p-value for an individual point, but you can identify them as potential "outliers" within each group by simply displaying them in a box-and-whisker plot. Points which are "away" from the bulk of their respective group will be hi-lighted.