ANOVA Assumptions for Percentages

I am trying to analyze land use data (e.g. an given area is made up of 14% residential land, 36% agricultural land, and 50% forested land). So the data from landuse is the independent factors while I have several categorical fixed factors I am interested in seeing the relationships with.

When performing an ANOVA I cannot get this data to pass a Levene's Test (even with an arcsine transformation). Can I not perform an ANOVA on percentage data. Am I better off trying to correlate these categorical data with the percentage data?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



TS Contributor
I've heard of some issues regarding Levene's test. I'd suggest you to use a graphic review instead (scatter plot of fitted versus residuals).

Regarding transformations, I'm aware that the one that works the best for stabilizing variance is the inverse, x^-1. Still, if you are having problems with assumptions and you want to avoid the complications that come with transformed data, you can try some non-parametric alternatives, like Kruskal Wallis or Friedman Test.