ANOVA Errors and Data Issues-Is my data even set up correctly to begin with?

Hello friends. I am fairly new to the world of statistics. After trying and failing to do R, I have just decided to use Excel for my data. A bit of background: I have 148 sampling sites, each with several species associated with them. I am looking to find the correlation between land use and taxa (specifically genus) using the counts of each individual at the site. Unfortunately, due to my advisor leaving, I have had very little guidance with this project so any help is appreciated. Here are my questions:

1. Is my data set up correctly? (see screenshot)

I have genus, land use type, and then below is the count. For example, amnicola (a snail I believe!) was found 64 times at sites that were located in forested streams.

3. Should I transform the counts via ln in Excel? I remember my advisor saying that counts are tricky and sometimes need to be transformed via using ln in excel.

4. When I did my first ANOVA test for some reason the forest land cover did not appear and the average and variance had errors in the cells.

5. Is an ANOVA even the way to go with this project? What other kinds of tests and models can I use? I know an ordination thing was suggested to me.



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What sort of thing do you hope your results will say? Assume that you have found a suitable analysis, done all the appropriate calcs, got some p values, and you are ready to write up. Just make up a typical result (right or wrong) for us to look at.
If you are stuck with Excel, look at