Anova find significant diferrences

Hi all,
I have made an one-way anova in order to test if three
populations have the same means.
My result is to reject the null hypothesis. So,
I understand that at least two populations have different means.

I would like to compute the significant differences and then to find which subgroups have different means.

Any ideas ?
could you help me please ?
what program are you using?

If R, I can give you some quick code to output the means table.

Usually that is the way to do this in interpreting ANOVA results, look at the means table and the standard error of means.

Or are you asking how to do this by hand?
I am using excel 2010 (Data Analysis Tool)

And my results are the following :

Anova: Single Factor

Groups Count Sum Average Variance
Column 1 5 245 49 7,5
Column 2 5 280 56 12,5
Column 3 5 255 51 3,5

Source of Variation SS df MS F P-value F crit
Between Groups 130 2 65 8,29787234 0,005461086 3,885293835
Within Groups 94 12 7,833333333

Total 224 14

What is the result about each subgroup ?