ANOVA, General Linear Model, Repeated Measures

Hi, i am completing my dissertation on the effects of the colours used in advertising logos with respect to gender. I have done some research and believe i need to perform a ANOVA, General Linear Model, Repeated Measures, i have SPSS but am unsure if the results i'm getting are correct.

This is my test; i show people 45 logos and they have to name them if they can, if not they say pass. I have 5 randomised scenarios which show Colour+Greyscale logos (a logo is initially shown in greyscale on a powerpoint slide and then the same logo is shown in colour 4 slides later) and colour logos on there own. Each scenario has been shown to 5 male and 5 female subjects, giving me a total of 50 subjects (25 male and 25 female).

I would like to compare the response times of colour and greyscale logos, i have the response times averaged from all 5 scenarios for greyscale and the colour logo that has been shown without greyscale. Do i put these into to columns named colour and greyscale and then perform a repeated measure GLM? This is what i have done and i get a significance of 0.3, does this mean the results are valid and prove something because they are below 0.5?

Any help at all would be highly appreciated! Thanks.