Anova In Spss - Post Hoc

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This is my first post.. I am so excited that this forum exists..
I am running an ANOVA at the moment, with a DV, and 3 IV's. Each IV has two levels (high and low). I have found significant results. My problem is that as I only have 2 levels of each IV, SPSS will not run the post-hoc tests through the Analyse ->General Linear model-> Univariate etc..
Any ideas on how I can get around this?

I'm having a remarkably similar problem. This is also my first posting. I have one DV and three IVs and I'm trying to run a Bonferroni post hoc test. I keep getting the same error message about two of my independents. I noticed you posted this question in May. Did anyone ever answer your question? I kind of hope so, for the both of us.
Puzzled and hopeful, Abigail

Oh, and I also found a statistically significant F value.
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When you have two levels for each IV and you get a significant main effect it means that the means different one each other. So, it does not make sense to run a post-hoc because you've got two means. To run a post-hoc you need at least three means.
So, look at your means to find which one is greater than other !