ANOVA on different metrics

Hi everyone! Hoping you can help me with a question. I am doing a paper for university.
I did a test on a group of people so as to measure their performance. Now I have specific targets for each task and the actuals.
The metrics are Time spent on the task, number of clicks and number of scrolls.
I was thinking of using ANOVA to compare those but I am wondering if I can since I am using a different kind of metrics and formats (time is in minutes, clicks and scroll are n number of times). My table looks like this:

Target Website A Website B Website C
Time 00:34 01:30 01:41 01:51
Clicks 12 16 13.5 11.87
Scroll 1 2.5 6.9 3

Is it possible to use ANOVA for all of them together or I would have to do a comparison only for time, another one for clicks and another one for scrolls?
Thanks a lot
Thanks Dason, I am going to try that.
And if I want to compare within groups the 3 actuals, how can I do?
I have a same group of people that they all did 3 different tasks. Task A had 27 secs, Task B took 23 secs, and task C took 21 secs.
Not sure what to do to prove if there is a significant difference between them or not