ANOVA Perhaps, Any Ideas Welcome

I have this data set to analysis in which the varables are as follows:

the effect of a dyads relationship (i variable 1, 2 levels), advice source (i variable 2, two levels), if the match is correct (i variable
3, 2 levels), and the advice type (i vaiables 4, 8, & 12, 3 levels) on the participants' score of advice helpfullness (variables 5, 8, & 13), advice percieved tone (variables 6, 9, 14), advice effectiveess (variables 7, 10, 15) and what would they do option (variable 16).

effectively the participant saw three different sample of advice (iv4a, iv4b, iv4c) after reading a scenario (iv1, iv2, iv3) in which the jugde on three different measures (dv1, dv2, dv3) and a finally general measure (dv4)

spss sort of looks like this:

iv1 iv2 iv3 iv4a dv1a dv2a dv3a iv4b dv1b dv2b dv3b iv4c dv1c dv2c dv3c dv4

I was thinking an ANOVA of sorts but Iam clueless on how to make it take into consideration the advice type (vaiables 4,8, & 12) on the dvs I listed above.

Do I just run everything three different times or if there a way to set it u all in one go?

Any alternatives or help help would be greatly appreciated.

1. that there is a different reaction when the advice is seen to come froma a mother than a friend

the advice is seen as more helpful from a friend
the avice is seen as more pro when comeing from a mom
the advice is seen as more effect from a friend

2. that the tone affectes the reaction to the advice

that anti advice is seen as more helpful and effective
in this case the dv tone acts as a check really that the advice sample is clear

3. that all affects above are affected by a mis match of advice source andrelationship scenario (meaning that the story sets up a mom and daughter and the advice sample are from a friends or vice versa)