Anova without intercept?



Is it possible to perform Anova without an intercept?
In the software, there is an option to check the box that says “no intercept”. Once I do that, the test results become significant!
Is it okay to do that?
Thanks very much


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It's absolutely fine to do that. But if I were you I wouldn't since you don't seem to understand what it's really doing. The tests now being significant isn't really anything to get excited over because the test is testing something completely different.


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No. Only when you are absolutely sure your intercept is 0 in the population for theoretical reasons, and you know the relationship is strongly linear. See here. Which is practically never for most social science.

In general, it's a bad idea to look around for things to tweak to make your results significant.


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My understanding (although it could be incorrect since the software wasn't explicitly stated) was just that the 'no intercept' option for anova would fit a cell means model. Which is a perfectly valid way to parameterize the anova but like I said it doesn't sound like the OP is capable of interpreting the model as is.