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im doing a documentary review of the Clinical Profile and Antibiogram Pattern of Patients With Diabetic Foot Ulcers. Problem is, I was not able to anticipate that some patients could be polymicrobial, while some did not even have any growth. Now I don't even know how to arrange my data! :confused:

for example:
patient1, has microorganism1, which is sensitive to antibiotic1, antibiotic2 and antibiotic3
patient2, has no growth
patient3, has microorganism1, which is sensitive to antibiotic1, but resistant to antibiotic2 however was not tested for antibiotic3
patient3, also has microorganism2, which is sensitive to antibiotic2, but resistant to antibiotic1 and antibiotic3

sometimes there are even 3 or 4 microbes in one patient. and the tested antibiotics aren't the same for every case.

and how can i test for associations between the clinical profile and the antibiogram with these kind of data

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So the wound comes back positive for multiple organisms, though is there also a chance that some are just colonized but not an etiologic cause or issue for the ulcer, so for stewardship you would want to go too broad spectrum?

What does your infectious disease folks typically do?

I wonder if you could use the associative rule (shopping basket) approach?