Any difference between online and newspaper advertisement on books selling?

An owner of 2 bookstores B1 and B2 used 2 ways for new books advertisement. B1 advertised online, while B2 advertised in newspapers. The owner wants to see if there is a difference in selling using online and newspaper advertisement. The owner was given only a sample of the data for 300 book, such as below

Book title - B1 sold copies - B2 sold copies
A - 400 - 200
B - 200 - 100
C - 100 - 99
D - 10 - 300
E - 40 - 201
F - 0 - 100
*Total - 750 - 1000 *

From the above examples, in total B2 sold more books. However, B1 sold more copies of books A, B and C. B2 sold more books of D and E. Moreover, the highest sold book which is A was sold in B1 (400 copies)

(1) Can we say that online advertisement resulted in selling a group of books (1,3,4) more? or even the highest selling book? If so, should t-test or maybe clustering help in such case, or maybe use other test?

(2) Can we say that newspaper advertisement has resulted in selling ALL type of books with at least 99 copy? this case is looking that B1 didn't sell any copy of book F. What kind of test can be used here?