Any way to enter mean +sem and N in SPSS?


I want to enter a mean value with standard error into spss in order to carry out ANOVA. Is there any way to do this without the raw data?


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Im not sure why you would do this. To run a reliable analysis, ANOVA would require all the values to calculate within and between group varaiation. Without this, I would be very sceptikal of your resulting F value.
because its a fitted value after a non linear regression of the raw data. the raw has no relationship to this value that i can enter into spss, it is not just a 'mean' of the data. it is calculated and optimised elsewhere as a point on the curve that fits the data.

ANOVA calculates the variation from the mean and sem from the data anyway and i see no real reason why i cant skip the step and enter it directly.
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