Any way to read in a SAS dataset WITH an external format/catalog library?

I posted this to the SAS forum as well. I have a large SAS dataset (v9.3) that carries a SAS format catalog/library (as a separate file). Is there any way to import the dataset with the formats (which is the SAS term for value labels here)? I am using Stata (v11/MP). The data moves into Stata nicely but without the formats (labels). And please don't ask me to retype in the labels as there are MANY and with MANY categories per value. Thanks for the help!

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I would use Stat/Transfer for this. You'll have to buy it but it's a very handy program and it sounds like it will save you a lot of time. There is a free trial available so you can test that it works before spending anything.


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I had similar problem al beit with R. I had to load data from stata into R. The labels were intially not imported but there were few options you needed to add in order to import the labels associated with each of the variables in stata into R.

1. You can import stata data directly into SAS.

2. Looks like SAS imports the labels associated with stata variables. Well, this example shows that when they read the stata data the lables were all imported.
## Source:

## Here's the code they used
proc import datafile="d:\hsb.dta" out=mydata dbms = dta replace;
proc print data=mydata;
The label was preserved. May be you didn't use some of the options they used?
Can check if the labels were imported using proc contents.
proc contents data= mydata2;
#    Variable    Type    Len    Format     Label
2    FEMALE      Num       8    FEMALE.    female
1    ID          Num       8               id
5    MATH        Num       8               math score
3    READ        Num       8               reading score
4    WRITE       Num       8               writing score
If this doesn't work, as bukharin suggested Stat transfer is your friend. I am a user of stat transfer and found it to be extremely time saving/helpful. If you work for a company/institution, you can convince them for subscription. Recommended!
@bukharin -- I use Stat/Transfer and it won't move the formats either. I am in communication with their tech support people and maybe they can figure it out. I created the format library file so I know it is working properly but just will not transfer the format labels to Stata at all.

@ledzep -- I need to move in the opposite direction: From SAS to Stata. I am a SAS data manager/programmer and my new stat programmer only works in Stata. The data moves perfectly fine but the labels (lots of them!) are not.