Aplying Hypothesis test to data collected

So I am doing a project for statistics and wanted to apply a hypothesis test to see if there is a correlation between the number of years spent at my college and the number of services used. The services include library, recreational services, clubs, etc.. i sent out a survey to get data from students and obtained a sample of 50 students with a mean of 1.510638 services used for the whole sample size. The average for first year students is 1.4. The average for second year students is 1.25, the average for 3rd year students is 1.6, the average for 4th year students is 1.75 and the average for 5th year students is 1.5.

SO my null hypothesis would be : number of years spent at my college would have no effect on number of services used

AND my alternative hypothesis would be that number of years spent at my school has an effect on number of services used.

I think that there will be no correlation. Just wondering how to set this up and execute it so I can prove statistically what is going on here. Any help would be appreciated!
I think that you should make a regression between the nuber of services used and the years spent in your college, than you can check for the significance of your regression paramenter by looking at the p-value. It woul be usefull to have the complete dataset in order to find the best regression model. Keep in mind that you ain't got many datas so the presence of an outlier could have a great influence and the possibility that your sample is not really rappresentative is really high.